Air Imports

Time-sensitive goods need expeditious transportation. If you are looking to import goods that are either time-sensitive, fragile or of urgent requirement, taking an air route is the best option. Air transportation is efficient, effective and secure. It takes less time to ship the goods and participate in the global trade at a quicker pace. Security to your goods is guaranteed at the airport warehouses. If the goods are temperature sensitive, cold storage facilities are available. UCF offers best air import services with a life-cycle approach. That is from hauling the goods from the vendor to clearing the import customs procedures and delivering the goods at your door-step. We take care of all your logistic and customs clearing needs. We have a global reach with expertise in handling import customs procedures of hundreds of countries of the world.

Air Exports

Air transportation enables you to ship goods at a brisk pace and gain credibility among your customers. It is a quick way to expand your international trade footprint, especially if you are a medium or small scale enterprise. The mode of transportation is efficient, safe and secure.

UCF provides professional air export services that help you export time-sensitive and perishable goods. Through our services we fulfil your logistic, customs clearance and goods exporting needs. With our global network of partners, we transport your freight to any corner of the world no matter what kind of commodities you want us to ship. We curate the best route, decide on the best warehouse, handle all your export customs paperwork, ensure that the tariff levied is appropriate and deliver it at the designated location. Safety and on-time delivery is guaranteed.

Customs Clearance

Customs procedures for importing and exporting of goods from India are cumbersome. Often small and medium business owners get lost in the tonne of paperwork for customs clearance. UCF, with expertise in customs clearance offers the best customs clearing services to you. We take care of all your customs clearing needs be it for imports or exports and to any port or airport of the world. We file all the paperwork for your shipments, ensure only necessary tariffs are levied, and see that your cargo is shipped in a time-bound manner. We set all your documentation in order. All the functions are professionally handled. Associate with us and set your ambition of trading internationally fly high.

Sea Exports

Transporting goods through seas is one of the cost-effective ways available for businesses. But, the cumbersome task of filing the customs paperwork is an irritant. Also, finding the right port to ship the exports from and a warehouse to store the goods are some other areas that are time consuming for a business.

UCF helps you here with its expert sea exports services. We provide freight forwarding support, place your goods in a safe warehouse, file export customs clearance papers, identify the best shipping company for transport and make sure that it reaches the destination. Through our global network of associated partners, we make your goods reach a destination port anywhere in the world. We also provide door-to-door service of collecting and delivering of goods.

Sea Imports

Importing goods via a sea route is the most cost-effective way of getting goods from abroad. UCF provides best sea imports services where your import customs clearance at the ports will be handled by us. Also, we provide logistics support to move your goods from the port warehouses to your door-step or any other destination of your choice. We have a pan-India presence and can handle cargo of all types. Our professional customs experts will see that only appropriate customs tariffs are charged and make for a speedy clearance. You can track your shipments all the way from the vendor's destination to your door step. Our services are available at competitive prices. You can count on us for on-time and safe delivery of your goods.

Custom Consultant

Each and every country has their own tariff slabs and customs clearance procedures. It is to protect their domestic enterprises from cheap foreign goods. At the same time, countries sign free trade agreement pacts and other such arrangements for exporting and importing of goods from each other. It is here, we as your customs consultant assist in handling your customs clearance procedures. We ensure that tariffs on your goods are charged as per the law or reduced as per the existing trade agreements between countries. With our professional support, you will get speedy customs clearance and see that your goods are shipped smoothly. We provide complete documentation support. Our deep knowledge of customs legislation, administrative and operational practices at exporting and importing destinations will be advantageous for you. Feel free to talk to us and clarify all your doubts and then decide.